How to Describe Image in PTE Academic Exam Like a Pro?

The most sought after question asked by PTE Academic test takers is

"How to analyse Describe Image Question Type in PTE-A to get maximum score?”

But, most of the times, this question often goes unspoken as there is no standard or fixed pre-defined way of describing an image.

Nevertheless, we have defined a certain approach below that can help you attempt Describe Image with confidence.

Let’s have a look:

1.  What to speak on different type of images?

The thumb rule for Describe Image question type of PTE-A exam is – do not just describe the image. Also, add your assumptions and ideas.

Remember, you are not expected to be analytical or judgemental. You are just expected to speak. The main aim behind this question type is to assess your English speaking abilities.


2.  Some images have many details. Then, which is the most appropriate way to describe them?

image with more details

Images with more details help you deliver a powerful description. However, make sure that you speak in sync i.e. if you have started with a point, then continue to describe the image in such a way that everything is linked.

Let’s take an example to understand in a better way!

A certain process [CO2 cycle] is shown in the above image. If you start describing the cycle with sunlight, make sure that you explain everything step by step and in a proper order. Also, mention every possible detail that you see in the image. Maintaining a proper sequence of the content in your speech is essential.


3.  Some images have less details. How will you describe it?

image with less details

Certainly, images with less details are challenging to describe unless you come up with your own ideas and assumptions. The only key to crack such images is PRACTICE.

Now that you are well aware about the type of images asked in the Describe Image question type of PTE Academic test, here are some tips to take into consideration in order to achieve a high score.


  • Don't Invest Your Entire Focus in Correcting Yourself
  • The most important parameter in this question type is to identify on what topic is the image given. But, many a times, you will be asked images which do not hold a title. In such cases, you have to try to predict what the image is all about. Do not waste your time thinking what would be the correct answer. Just make a guess and start speaking!
  • There is no room for silence
  • You will be given 40 seconds to describe the image.

    While describing the image, if you run short of words, ensure that you do not pause in the middle or remain silent. Instead, make use of some phrases like ‘it also describes’, ‘it is mainly showing’ and similar ones. Using such phrases will provide you some time to think

  • Make the most of Erasable Notepad, Booklet and Pen provided to you
  • Provide a framework to your thoughts in 2 or 3 points. Speak about the main idea in the first point while support the idea with appropriate details and implication in the second and third points.

  • Do not forget to conclude
  • One of the most common mistakes that PTE aspirants usually commit is making an abrupt or uneven ending of the describe image task. This leaves a negative impact on the examiner and thus you get a low score.

    A clear, precise and strong conclusion indicates that your speech has come to an end. This also helps the examiner remember the important points you mentioned while speaking.

Keep these important tips and strategies in mind while attempting the Describe Image question type of PTE Speaking section.

Here are some last minute tips to take care of.

Last Minute Tips

  • Do not label the image
  • Comprehend the best detail you can speak about
  • Avoid speaking unclear information
  • Be confident, natural and as fluent as possible while speaking
  • Speak your answer in a structured way – start with an introduction, then the details and at last the conclusion

There is no shortcut to achieve high score unless you practice. But again, there is a way in which you can practice. That is, do focused practice with the proven materials for Describe Image available on PTE Tutorials. This will help you know the task nearly and ace it. You can even practice for other question types of PTE Academic exam here. Remember, practice is the key! So, prepare well before you book PTE-A Test.

All the best! smiley


[Tuesday 3:00 PM] Mukesh Khant