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Aussizz Group is the trusted and Pearson approved reseller of the PTE Academic Test.

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Actual cost of booking the PTE Academic Test is Rs. 13101. Aussizz is providing the PTE Academic voucher at Rs. 12500; a discount of Rs. 601!


Instant Voucher Code

Receive voucher code immediately after payment process in your e-mail and through SMS. Use that code while booking the test to avail discount.


Unique Resources

Get high quality Practice Tests free with the purchase of every voucher to help you ace the actual exam.


Free Reference Material

Get useful reference material for PTE test. Make best use of them and practise to improve your performance.


Friendly customer support

Receive support right from buying PTE voucher from our website to booking the PTE exam using the voucher code.


Fast Results

You can book the test online at short notice of 48 hours. Pearson typically delivers PTE Academic result within 5 business day.

Check List

Fair Results

Highly accurate computerised marking system of Pearson PTE test means consistent scores and no potential for examiner bias.


Test Centre & dates availability

Multiple test dates are available, 363 days a year across 200 locations all over the world.


  • Practice Tests

    Real Time Test Experience

  • Computer

    Easy To Operate

  • Check List

    Constructive Study Material & Practice tests

  • Clock

    Time Management practice

  • Expert

    Expert guidance to Improve your Performance

  • Listen

    Different levels to practice

  • Check List

    Various analytical reports




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    How to apply the voucher on the Pearson's website?

    Follow these simple steps:
    1. Go to www.pearsonpte.com and click on BOOK NOW.
    2. There is SIGN IN now button, click on that.
    3. There is a column having an option of SCHEDULE EXAM at left hand side.
    4. Now select the nearest 5 centers and click on the SEARCH button.
    5. Here, you can see the selected center.
    6. You need to select the Month , Date and Time slot.
    7. After selecting the time slot, click on SELECT APPOINTMENT in a yellow tab.
    8. Press next, here you can see the PLT registration questions.
    9. Click Next. This is the page where you need to apply the voucher code.
    10. SCROLL DOWN to view the voucher tab.
    11. After entering (you can copy and paste also from the mail received from Aussizz) the code, you need to click 'APPLY VOUCHER'.
    12. Once you have applied the voucher code, the TOTAL DUE amount should become NIL (0.00). This means that you have successfully redeemed the code.
    13. Click NEXT to review your order. Click on the CHECK BOX (I have read and agree terms and conditions) and then click on CONFIRM ORDER.
    14. After confirmation, you will receive a confirmation mail from Pearson. And, BINGO! You just saved great amount of money! We wish you all the best!

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    Can I purchase two vouchers and book two slots together?

    You can buy as many vouchers as you want. Nevertheless, we cannot book two slots altogether. As we have to follow the norms set by Pearson, we need to have a minimum 5-day gap between two exams.

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    I was traveling to India for a week and could not use the voucher. Can I ask for an exchange the voucher I purchased in India with Australian voucher? I am ready to pay the difference.

    Codes are pretty country specific and thus, we don’t allow such exchange. In simple words, use India's code in India and Australia's code in Australia.

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    What if the purchased voucher does not work?

    This is something we have not observed yet! Still, if you find any difficulty, you may contact us and we will try to rectify it. In the rarest rare case, if there is a technical glitch from our side, we will replace the voucher! If it is from the PTE side, we will assist you to overcome the issue.

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    How can I check result of my previous attempts or all attempts?

    You can check results of all the tests attempts in the 'Taken Test Result' section.

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    How many attempts are there in total for each test?

    There is only 1 attempt for each mock test. You cannot retake the same test.

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    Who has created these mock tests?

    Certified PTE-A trainers have developed these mock tests keeping in mind all the standards of official Pearson Test of English Academic examination. All the content (texts, trademarks, illustrations, photos, graphics, files, designs, arrangements etc.) & media of the tests are a copyrighted and owned by Aussizz Group. All intellectual property rights in relation to this website are reserved and owned by Aussizz Group.

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    Are these mock tests autoscored one? or Are the scoring provided?

    The mock tests are not autoscored. However, we do provide the scoring. You can get score for a particular test at a nominal price. The option is available in the portal inside after you log in. Our PTE expert will evaluate your test and score it as per the PTE test standards. The scores will be emailed to you within 5 working days. Note that the scoring is not exact but near to real PTE test.

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    Can I use these mock tests to get high score?

    These mock tests are close to real-time PTE-Academic environment and will provide you with hands on training on taking the PTE test online. Consequently, it will boost your confidence which will help you to get more score. However, it depends on you, your practice and understanding of PTE - Test.

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    Who will be evaluating these tests?

    The scoring is not automatic for the mock test. But, you can get the scores of a particular mock test by buying the service at a nominal price from the portal itself. The scoring is done by our PTE experts which is close to real PTE test.

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    Are these mock tests similar to actual exam?

    These are practice tests. We have simulated the real-time PTE-A test environment to keep the test experience as real as possible for you.

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    What are the possibilities to get same questions in actual exam?

    The entire intellectual content from the format to context to types of individual questions in the mock tests are uniquely designed in accordance to the PTE-A standards and there are negligible chances of the same questions appearing in your official PTE-A exam.

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    What are the video tutorials?

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    What if I want to give a feedback?

    All the feedbacks are welcomed. You can share your experience or any suggestions that you have for us for the tutorial; overall as well as regarding any section or question.

    There are no technical difficulties as such. However, in case you want to share any technical difficulties you faced, you can do that as well.

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    How to contact Customer Support?

    Please drop a mail on support@ptetutorials.com . Our team will reply you within 48 hours.

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