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PTE Exam & Voucher FAQ's

  • It is valid till 11 months from the date of purchase from Aussizz Group in entire India at any center.

  • First go to Then click on BOOK NOW. There is SIGN IN now button, click on that.

    There is column having option of SCHEDULE EXAM in left hand side.
    Now select nearest 5 centers and click on SEARCH button.
    Here you can see selected center. Now need to select Month , Date and Time slot.
    After selecting time slot, need to click on SELECT APPOINTMENT in yellow tab.
    Then press next, here you can see PLT registration questions. Then Next and this is the page we have to apply voucher code. Here we have to SCROLL DOWN to view voucher tab.
    After entering ( you can copy+paste also from mail received from Aussizz) code, need to APPLY VOUCHER.
    Once you apply voucher code, TOTAL DUE amount will become 0.00. It means we have redeemed code and now press NEXT. Review your order and click on CHECK BOX( I have read and agree terms and conditions) and then click on CONFIRM ORDER.
    After confirmation, you will receive confirmation mail from Pearson. And Its DONE !!!!!!
    Wish you all the best.

  • Actual cost of PTE exam in India is Rs.12101 and we are offering voucher code in just Rs.9999 so you can save Rs.2102 on test fee.

  • We are Authorise re-seller of PTE vouchers in India and Australia and second , we are buying vouchers in bulk so we are getting vouchers on discounted price and that discount we are passing to you.

  • We do business with ethics and we are the most trusted group in India and Australia since 2009. And you can also cross check our authenticity on pte website as per this link:

    Pearson has mentioned our name on their official webpage as an Authorised Re-seller.

    We request you to visit our website ( )and Facebook page to know more about us.

  • Yes , It is valid for all centers in India.

  • For Education : All countries accept PTE

    For Migration or PR : Australia and NZ are accepting PTE Academic as of now.

    To check specific country, college and university, kindly follow this link-

  • Only PTE-A is valid for all visa applications.

    Please note that PTE General is not accepted for visa applications.(

  • Rescheduling fee is 25% of current exam fee in India. You can reschedule your exam before 7 calendar of your test date.There is no voucher for rescheduling.

  • PTE : PTE will refund 50% amount on cancellation before 7 days of your test date.

    Aussizz : We will refund 50% amount on cancellation before 7 days of your test date. We take back unused voucher also at 50% amount you paid to us.

    Kindly visit below link for more clarification-

  • Yes. You can gift this voucher to anyone.

  • Yes. Anybody can buy and anybody can use it. Its kind of mobile recharge coupon.

  • Yes. You can change center after buying voucher from us.

    Example: You have selected Bangalore center while buying voucher from us and you want to take exam at Chennai center on PTE website, you can do that.

  • You will get your result within 5 working days. If you don’t get in 5 days then need to call on 0008004402020 Tollfree from India.

  • You can buy “N” number of vouchers but we can’t book two slots at same time. We have to give gap of 5 days.

  • Atleast we have to keep 5 days gap after getting result of latest exam.

  • Codes are country specific. And we don’t allow this practice. So use India code in India and Australia code in Australia.

  • As of now, we are offering free mock tests with voucher. And other paid tests you can buy for better practice.

  • It has never happened in the past but suppose it happens then we will assist you to get it rectified. If any technical error from our side, we will replace the code and if it is from PTE side, we will assist you to get it resolved.

  • We will refund you one voucher’s amount without asking you a single question.

  • As of now we are not providing online coaching.

  • You will get 50% amount refund if you cancel your exam before 7 calendar days of test date.

  • It is 0008004402020 and it is TOLLFREE. And working time is Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM.

  • You can avail discounted voucher code from at any point of time.

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