How to mentally prepare yourself for PTE?

While practicing various mock tests and online tutorial for PTE can make you confident in taking PTE exam, a little you know about how to mentally prepare for the same. Indeed, you may quote this as an ‘exam stress’ where a test taker feels overwhelmed (often due to over confidence) or confused (in a case where there is too much of information to fit in a small brain!). Nevertheless, in both the cases, you are not dumb! You just need to find your way out, mentally.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) tests your language in multiple ways; and, it is just beyond ‘knowing English’ as you may find it as ‘memory test’ and ‘aptitude’ at times.


We have tried to compile a few tips that may help you combat the exam stress or depression so that you can score the required points for your further education or immigration abroad.

  • What are the items? 

    The very first thing you are supposed to do is know the format of Pearson Test of English. The PTE comes with several modules; and, the modules are divided further into various items. So, when you book an exam date, you should be very well aware of those items for each module. This will help you prepare mentally for the exam.

  • Creating proper ambiance

    PTE exams are interesting but when the examination hall is filled with several other students who are speaking at the same time and making noise; it gets annoying. Especially for listening and speaking modules, practicing under a little bit noisy environment may help you. Practicing in such way will not give you a blow or shock when you find that others in the examination halls are not keeping quiet the way you expect in other examinations.

  • It’s not all typing!

    True, PTE is a computer based exam but it may come to you as a surprise that it is not just typing. It requires you to write fast as well. In other words, there are a few items where you will need to write as quick as possible. That is why you should also practice taking quick notes. Practice it in whatever way you want!

  • Stay calm, eat healthy food

    Change in your diet and behavior may help you sharpen your memory. Practicing yoga or other spiritual healing may help you improve cognitive capabilities of yours. This, in turn, can get you good scores in PTE. Eat healthy food, avoid junk.

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