Aussizz Group, now an Authorized Reseller of PTE Vouchers in India

It has been a menace for the students or the candidates who are purchasing their PTE vouchers from the websites which are not proven to be trustworthy. Getting lured by heavily discounted rates, they simply risk their money into something which is not paying off. This has resulted in many complaints which are filed against such organizations.

PTE Academic has therefore put up the names of the organizations on its website who are the official resellers of the PTE vouchers, through which the candidate can once confirm and then move ahead with the decision of purchasing them. PTE Academic has put each and every detail of the agencies or the organizations, so it is highly recommended to get the information from the website first, and then purchase a voucher.

Aussizz Group of Immigration and Student Visa consultants has from the very beginning believed in facilitating the students and the clients who are willing to immigrate, to provide them with the best coaching and date booking when it comes to PTE Academic.

As PTE Academic is now accepted by most of the countries and the best of the world’s universities or colleges, people have started making it a preference. Organizations have hence started making people know that the dates for the PTE examination can be booked at a cheaper rate compared to the official rates of PTE Academic. Aussizz Group has thus become an official reseller of the PTE Vouchers in India, giving out a discount of Rs.901 on the actual price, making it Rs.12,200 for the candidate to purchase it online and use it while booking a test date on the official website of PTE Academic.

The only thing to be done is to purchase the voucher from Aussizz Group’s website, receive a voucher code through an email and an SMS as well, and use it on the official website of PTE Academic while moving ahead with the payment. This can ease the burden off your head when it comes to money, especially when you need to purchase a bulk of vouchers.

When someone comes on to the website of Aussizz Group’s PTE Voucher, all they have to do is to fill up a simple form wherein the basic data is to be put, through which it becomes easier for us to transfer the voucher code safely to you. We also save this data, in case if you are willing to choose to migrate to Australia and need any means of assistance. We and our expert team of migration and student visa consultants will surely contact you and would be ever-ready to serve you with our knowledge.

Aussizz Group of Immigration and Student Visa consultants, with a team of registered MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) agents, along with their expert counselors, is always there to get you through.