Ace your PTE Academic Test with these Proven Tips & Strategies

PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic Test has emerged as one of the most popular language tests taken by aspirants willing to study, work or settle abroad. This test determines a candidate’s proficiency and level of excellence in English language.

One of the main reasons why this test has gained popularity over a short period of time is its availability. That is, one can book PTE exam over 360 days of the year and there are about 250 test centres across the globe. Moreover, PTE Test results are available within 5 business days.

Contemplating to fulfil your study or settle abroad dream?

Appear for PTE exam, achieve your desired score and get a step closer to fulfilling your dream!

All you need to have for PTE test is a good command on English language as it tests your Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening skills. Further, as it is a computer-based test, you must also have a good typing speed. This will help you complete the test quickly and efficiently.

When you have made up your mind to take the PTE test, you should be prepared physically as well as mentally. So, here are some steps that you must definitely take as a part of your PTE test preparation.


Pre-PTE Exam Preparation

  • Comprehend every minute details regarding the PTE Test – 4 modules (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening), test format, different item types and its scoring pattern. If required, seek assistance of PTE tutors for this.
  • Determine how many points you require for the visa you are applying for. This will help you gauge your required PTE Score.
  • Take a PTE Demo Class at Aussizz Group. You can learn how the PTE test is conducted and how you should be going for the exam here.
  • Join PTE Coaching Class in order to ensure professional guidance, learn proven tips & strategies and fetch your desired score.
  • Once you are prepared for the test, take PTE practice tests. These tests provide you an environment similar to actual PTE test.
  • Now that you are well prepared, you can book PTE Test date. You can either do it by yourself or ask any training centre to do it. At Aussizz Group, you can buy PTE Voucher to book your test at discounted rate.


Ready for the exam?




Below are some sure shot strategies that you must follow on your test day to make sure that you achieve your required score.

On PTE Exam Day Tips

Speaking Module

  • Focus only on the task you are asked to do. You do not need to keep a watch on time. Your computer will do it for you. You just have to click ‘Next’ and proceed.
  • There will no human assessor. You need to speak in front of your computer with the microphone provided. So, speak loudly and clearly. This will help you improve your score.
  • Do not stop if you commit any mistake. Just keep on speaking.

Writing Module

  • You will be given 10 minute to write the response for ‘Summarize Written Text’ and 20 minutes for ‘Essay’. Thus, you must accomplish the tasks in given time.
  • You need to write the summary in just one sentence with word count ranging from 5 to 75 words. If you exceed the word count, you will lose marks.
  • You need to write essay in about 200 to 300 words. Writing more words will cause a deduction in your score.

Reading Module

  • Keep a watch on time in this section
  • You will be given just 32-41 minutes to answer all the questions. So, make sure that you utilize your time efficiently.

Listening Module

  • Take notes while listening to the recording. This will help you locate the answers quickly.
  • Not to forget! You have a time limit in every section.


Last Minute General Tips

  • Carry all the documents – ID card, passport, receipt and other important documents - along with you to the test centre
  • Reach the test centre half an hour before the time
  • Perform the biometric check at the test centre. Scan your palm, sign digitally and get your photo clicked.
  • Once you take your seat in the test room, check the microphone, its volume and other functionalities so as to avoid any issues during the exam. If you need any help in between the exam, you can raise your hand.
  • After the reading module, you get a break of 10 minutes. But, it is not mandatory.
  • Once the test is completed, you can leave the exam hall. Collect your passport and do other formalities before leaving the test centre.

That is the end of your big day!

Make sure that you follow these tips and strategies to succeed in your PTE Academic exam. Practice well before you book PTE-A test so that you can achieve your desired score and fulfil your study or settle abroad requirements.

All The Best!





[Tuesday 3:00 PM] Mukesh Khant