A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Overall Score in the PTE Academic Test

PTE Academic / December 01, 2016 /

When you decide to study abroad, all you can think is about the new experience ahead, new perspective on life, new cultures and better career opportunities.

However, there are plenty of intimidating parts in the process to reach there. One of them is the English Language Proficiency Test.

International students seeking to study or work abroad need strong skills in understanding English as they need to submit PTE-Academic certificate as a proof of their English language proficiency.

PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic is one of the world’s leading computer-based English Language Proficiency test that is designed for non-native speakers, who wish to study in a country where English is the primary language of communication. It includes the assessment of four primary skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

PTE-Academic test is approved for Australian visas and is accepted by most of the leading universities worldwide. Its test sessions run for 363 days in a year at over 200 locations worldwide and the results are also available within 5 working days.

As for passing any test, preparation is the key. PTE-Academic also demands regular practice to increase the chances of achieving the targeted score in a first attempt.

Given below are some of the useful tips for each module you can follow to get satisfactory results in the exam. However, before we move, it is essential that you get familiarised with the format and the content of the test.

There is a range of free preparation material available online with the videos and Practice Tests that can help you get a crystal-clear vision for each section.


  • Make sure you maintain a good volume and rhythm while speaking. If you speak too hastily or softly, it may affect your score.
  • Pronunciation of words and oral fluency are two very important parameters which one needs to focus on
  • In case you make mistakes, don’t waste your time correcting yourself or getting stressed; just move on to next question
  • Don’t put your entire focus on managing the time. The computer will control the time you spend on each task


  • Make sure you manage your time as you will have only 20 minutes in ‘Write essay’ task and 10 minutes in ‘Summarize written text’ task
  • Use good vocabulary to score good marks
  • Be aware of spellings, grammar, pronunciations and plural word usage
  • Use a proper essay structure- Introduction, Body Paragraph(s), and then followed by Conclusion


  • Make notes in Erasable notepad
  • Manage your time
  • Don’t ignore frequently used words (often, sometimes, never, many, etc.)
  • Pay close attention to keywords in questions
  • Concentrate on repeated words


  • Read the question carefully to get the information quickly in the passage
  • Focus on the keywords in question and then search the passage to find the correct answer(s) (Scanning Technique)
  • Give great attention to the parts of the speech in ‘Fill in the blanks’ section
  • Never leave the questions unanswered
  • Manage your time

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