How can you work on your ‘Intonations’?

PTE Academic / September 03, 2016 /

Speaking in a monotonous voice, you can surely be a robot !!

Especially, when it comes to PTE Academic, mind well, in your Speaking section, focus on the intonations. Going flat on something is always wrong. PTE was and always will stay being computer-based. Speaking in a single tone will not make the computer realize about the punctuations. The pauses, stresses and ups & downs in every sentence are important.

Imagine a paragraph without a full-stop or a comma or anything. Simple going and going… Reading such a paragraph can make any reader go down with disappointment. No candidate can expect a good out of such a thing.


Never forget to put the pauses after the commas, oxford commas, full-stops, semi-colons, colons and all such things. This will make the computer understand about the sentence and thus will assess you in a better way.

The software which PTE uses, mainly works on the way your spoken sentence is framed. DO NOT USE UNNECESSARY PAUSES like uhmm, ahhh or any such expression. These can ruin the successful framing and effect the level of required fluency of the sentence.


It is always necessary to note down the keywords while you are planning to speak on a topic, so as to make sure that you have to focus more on that word compared to the other words.

Here, stress comes to play. Putting on some stress to a word can bring notice to the listener that yes, there is something which is pressurized and thus, can come to know about the entire conversation as clearly as possible.

For example: There is a scarcity of water to drink in the rural areas. (the words of stress are clearly visible)


As soon as you prepare to go for a sentence, make sure that you have a proper use of conjunctions and clauses. Conjunctions are mainly used for connecting two or more clauses. Now that’s the most important thing that a student has to keep in mind, especially during the Speaking and the Writing sections. These things can surely make your essay go ‘over the loop’ and also sometimes ruin it.


When focusing on the ideas of how to improvise your speaking and writing skills, do not forget to work on the very topic i.e. Intonations. They are indeed the most important part of English ignoring which can cause a massive explosion to your PTE score.

So, Good Luck, Give Your Best To Expect The Best !!