5 best tips for ‘Summarize Written Text’ Section of PTE

PTE Academic / February 03, 2017 /

PTE writing section is one of the most difficult sections of the entire PTE exam. It involves writing 2 summaries and 1 essay OR 3 summaries and 1 essay OR 2 summaries and 2 essays. Time allotted for these 3 combinations are 40, 50 and 60 minutes respectively.

In this post, we will focus on ‘summarizing text’ and share with you some amazingly useful tips which will help you score good while appearing in PTE.

What ‘Summarize Written Text’ Section Involves?

Summarize text section expects the test taker to summarize the given paragraph in his own words. Test takers are required to produce a summary in 5 to 75 words and the time allotted is 10 minutes.

Below are listed few commonly made mistakes and tips to help you ace PTE’s summarize written text section with astonishing ease.

  • Don’t Use Complex Sentences- Test takers often use lengthy and complex sentences assuming that it will boost their chances to score more. The more complex your sentences are, the more is the room for committing mistakes. Here’s what you can do. Do not use more than 3 commas and do not use semi-colon, if you don’t know how to use it.
  • Write Only One Sentence- Try to summarize in just one sentence that begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop. Mind that word limit of 75 as a response of less than 5 words or more than 75 words is awarded a zero right away. The best of summaries are written in 35-40 words. So, remember the magical number.
  • Summarize Only The Key Points- Test takers often fail to identify key ideas and end up including all points in the summary. It’s not required at all. There will be supporting details in the paragraph, but it doesn’t mean that you have to summarize every single detail. The system evaluates your ability to identify key points and if you can summarize your understanding of the whole paragraph in fewer words.
  • Remember FANBOY- Using connectors will always make your life easy while summarizing the text and will also keep grammatical errors at bay. If you find it difficult to remember, just remember FANBOY. What’s that?

    F- For

    A- And

    N- Nor

    B- But

    O- Or

    Y- Yet

  • Practice Mock Tests-Practice mock tests and get into a habit of identifying key points and how to put them in a nutshell. It doesn’t happen in a day and will take you sometime to get acquainted to what’s expected of you.

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