Useful Insider Tips For PTE Writing Section

If you are looking for effective tips for PTE writing, chances are that you are probably vigilant of how challenging this particular section can be. The process of writing demands rigorous brainstorming and manoeuvring of your thoughts. So, you need to be quick at deciding what the task requires you to do while appearing for the PTE Academic Writing module.

In this post of ours, we have penned some of the most useful PTE Writing tips. These tips from certified PTE trainers will certainly help you fetch a high score in your PTE Academic Test.

But, before we start with the tips, let’s understand what type of tasks are asked in the PTE Writing section.

PTE-A Writing Section

PTE Writing module comprises of two item types.

1. Write Essay

This item type requires you to write an essay of about 200-300 words. You get approximately 20 minutes to complete this task.

Your essay will be assessed on your ability to organize ideas and present them in detail with appropriate arguments and examples. You must see to it that your essay follows a logical sequence. Also, your fundamentals of English language like Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Structure and more are also taken into consideration.

2. Summarize Written Text

In this item type, you are supposed to write a summary of the given passage. You must complete the summary in one sentence with no more than 75 words. You will get approximately 10 minutes for this task.

Your response will be judged on the basis of your quality of writing as well as on how nicely it highlights the vital points of the passage.

Pro Tips to Ace PTE-A Writing Section

Essay Writing

Tips to Improve Your Essay Score

  • The entire PTE writing section is time-bound. However, it shouldn’t stop you from taking a few seconds to organize your thoughts. Jumping onto the writing task right away without pre-deciding the flow of your essay will only end you up with a shabbily written piece with no coherence or logical structure.
  • Divide your entire essay in parts and sub-parts. It will make essay writing task a breeze for you.
  • Pick the key points from the question and prepare the points you want to present to support your argument
  • If typing speed is a sore point for you, practice typing weeks before the test
  • Once you complete writing your essay, proofread it to check the overall structure and fix any grammatical errors or typos. You can then press the submit button.

Summarize Written Text

  • Recognizing the main idea is the key to writing an effective summary. So, read the entire passage carefully.
  • Summarize the given text in your own words. Many test takers commit the mistake of copying the main idea or keywords as given in the text. This lowers their score.

The struggles of learning a language may differ from one individual to another. The only thing that matters is keep practising in the right direction. With regular practice, one can improve.

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Make sure you have done enough practice before you book PTE Exam.


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