PTE Speaking Test- Read Aloud Section Tips

PTE Academic / February 17, 2017 /

Speaking section of PTE academic exam consists of the following sub-sections: Read aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Re-tell lecture, and Answer short question. This post will focus only on the ‘Read aloud’ section. We will give you some precious tips and share some do’s and don’ts to help you score good.

  • Skim through the text

    You get about 30-40 seconds before the microphone opens which is sufficient for you to go through the text. Understand the flow of the information given in the text, as it will help you with other areas of this test too.

  • Speak naturally and clearly

    Majority of Pearson English Test takers succumb to exam anxiety and lose their natural rhythm. It affects their fluency a big time and consequently they lose vital points. Some people speak way too fast in their daily life, so speaking naturally doesn’t mean speaking too fast. Speak at a normal pace that’s neither too fast nor too slow. It will especially help you with getting word endings clear. For instance, take this word- ‘Tests’. Those who speak fast often omit the ‘s’ at the end.

  • Focus on Fluency

    We cannot emphasize enough on how important fluency is. Focus on speaking fluently and do not rush into finishing the paragraph as you will get sufficient time for that. Let the system take care of it. REMEMBER: If you do stay quiet for more than 3 seconds, the microphone will automatically turn-off.

  • Mind those commas, semi-colons and full stops

    Read aloud section is aimed at assessing your fluency, intonation and clarity of speech. Ignoring commas, semi-colon and full stops will make your intonation suffer. If you intonate well and speak in a natural and composed manner, everything automatically falls into place.

  • Practise with newspaper and audio-recorder

    The more you practise, the more you become aware of your shortcomings. And the best way to practise is to use a newspaper and a voice recorder. You can record your voice while you read a 60 words paragraph aloud and then play back the audio. It will help you identify the errors you make, words you usually aren’t comfortable with, controlling your rate of speech and so forth.

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