PTE Speaking Test- Read Aloud Section Tips

In PTE Academic test, the Speaking module consists of the following item types:

  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat Sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer Short Question

This post is specifically intended for the PTE aspirants who struggle with the ‘Read Aloud’ item type.

In this task, a small passage appears on the screen. As soon as the passage comes on the screen, a reverse timer of about 35-40 seconds start. However, this time may vary depending on the length of the passage. Once the timer ends, a beep will be heard in the headphone. After that, you get 35-40 seconds more in which you need to read aloud the given passage. It seems to be a pretty simple task but at time it can really prove to be the most difficult task.

We have shared some important tips and strategies that will definitely help you fetch a good score.

1. Skim through the text

SkimmingYou get about 30-40 seconds before the recording starts. This time is sufficient enough to go through the text quickly i.e. skimming the text. Doing this will help you develop an understanding of what the text is about and the flow of the text.


2. Speak naturally and clearly

Most of PTE Test takers succumb to anxiety and eventually lose their confidence. It affects their fluency majorly and consequently they lose vital points.

It is advisable to speak at a normal or natural pace i.e. neither too fast nor too slow. This will make your speech clearer and the examiner will be easily able to understand what you want to convey.

3. Focus on Fluency


You will have sufficient time to read aloud the given text. So, never try to complete the text in a rush. Instead, be fluent while you speak. Remember, if you stay quiet for more than 3 seconds, the microphone will automatically turn off.

4. Mind those commas, semi-colons and full stops

Read aloudsection is aimed at assessing your fluency, intonation and clarity of speech. Ignoring commas, semi-colon and full stops will make your intonation suffer. If you intonate well and speak in a natural and composed manner, everything automatically falls into place.

5. Practise with newspaper and audio-recorder

The more you practise, the more you become aware of your shortcomings. And, one of the best ways to practise is to use a newspaper and a voice recorder. You can record your voice while you read a 60 words paragraph aloud and then play back the audio. It will help you identify the errors you make, words you usually aren’t comfortable with, control your rate of speech and so forth.

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[Tuesday 3:00 PM] Mukesh Khant