How To Ace PTE Repeat Sentence Test

PTE Academic / February 08, 2017 /

Majority of PTE test takers find the ‘Repeat Sentence’ section quite difficult including native speakers. For the test is aimed at assessing not only your fluency and pronunciation, but memory as well. According to a study, on an average human’s short term memory can only retain small amount of information which is 7 words or even less at a time. PTE academic test’s repeat sentence task, that’s why challenges and tests your memory as it usually contains more than 7 words.

So, what’s the way out? In this post, we have shared some useful tips which will help you sharpen your pronunciation and memorizing skills.

Useful tips for better pronunciation and memory

    • Don’t Process Each Word Individually

      Most test takers make an attempt to memorize the entire sentence. The trick seldom works. Making a note of vital components rather than trying to note down the entire sentence, is better. You will have only some time which should be made the most of.

      Also, keep in mind that the sentence will not be repeated and since there is no beep sound after the audio is over, you are expected to start speaking as soon as the audio ends.

    • Play Games & Quizzes To Boost Memory

      Train your brain to retain more information than it usually does by playing online memory quizzes and games. Doing so will help you expand your short term memory.,/p>

    • Practice by Listening to English Audios and Podcasts

      Listen to radio shows, podcasts and useful audios by native speakers and practice. You can pause the audio after listening to a sentence, note down what the speaker said and go back to the audio to see if you got it right. Listen to pay attention to the speaker’s intonation, word-stress, rhythm and rate of speech.

    • Speak Slow For Proper Enunciation

      Even the best of PTE test takers with a good vocabulary fail the repeat sentence test because they speak quite fast. Speaking fast results in poor pronunciation and clarity of speech. The reason why most test takers find it difficult to curb their rate of speech is because they do not watch their speech in their day to day life. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube to observe how native speakers speak. They open their mouth adequately, use their jaws, lips and tongue to articulate well.

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