Avoid Common Mistakes in the Speaking Module of PTE Exam

4 Common Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid In the Speaking Module of PTE Exam

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You really want to pass the PTE exam.

After all, it’s your only aspiration to study abroad and live a better lifestyle.

But, it feels a kick in the teeth when you couldn’t achieve the required score. Isn’t it?

Well, whether you know where you lack or not, one of the most common reasons to fail in the PTE exam is the speaking section.

For the non-native English people, the speaking part has always been the trickiest and most challenging as compared to the other three modules (Writing, Reading & Listening). Because during the assessment, the skills are tested by asking to respond questions and summarise passages.

The test includes two sections:

  • Personal introduction and
  • A number of item types where the student first listens to an audio then respond into the microphone.

While focusing solely on the speaking section doesn’t assure your success, knowing your mistakes and making efforts to improve them can at least increase your chances of getting one.

So, here are the common mistakes people generally while appearing for the PTE speaking test:

  • Speaking hastily

    A lot of people have the habit of mistaking brusque talking with fluency. It is very important to slow down when you’re speaking through a microphone.

    Even if your grammar is correct and your vocabulary is impeccable you can still be impossible to understand if you can’t change the habit of speaking quickly.

    Another most common problem with people in the speaking section is nervousness. People tend to speak fast when they feel nervous, however, it is essential to manage your stress levels as speaking in a slow, measured way can surely help you convey the meaning in a clear way.

  • Using Informal Language

    Just imagine you are in a job interview for a position in multi-national company. Would you speak the same way to the employer as with a friend? No, right! The same reasoning applies here.

    Using casual language instead of the formal language is a complete NO for the Pearson Academic Test. The evaluators of the exam are always looking for the advanced vocabulary and the proper word structure, so make sure you don’t give a chance.

  • Uttering too many fillers

    Most of us have the habit of using fillers while thinking of any concept or word. In real life, it’s completely understandable to ignore this, but PTE assessors can be very brutal with you for this habit.

    Since, you’re being assessed on your ability to access vocabulary and concepts quickly and accurately, make sure you collect some thoughts before you are recorded.

  • Speaking in Portions

    Often, we intentionally or unintentionally start saying something and don’t finish it or start saying something new in the middle of the conversation.

    Though it is overlooked in real life, PTE Academic wants you to speak in complete sentences in any situation. Whether you missed a word, want to rephrase your sentence or conveyed the false information, just continue speaking until you finish your sentence or try to keep your point in a new sentence.

If you still need further assistance for the speaking or any module of the PTE exam, we have the experts to serve at your satisfaction level. Feel free to share your queries in the comment section or drop us a line at info@aussizz.com.


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